Non-Surgical Face Lift

Integra Plus 

The Integra Plus system has been designed to give your skin a more youthful appearance. Over time your muscles tighten and fix leading to pronounced frown lines & wrinkles. The Integra Plus can relax these muscles and reduce the depth of the lines. In addition, it can tone the muscles, encouraging them to 'lift' the features and fight the effect of gravity.

It will promote increased circulation and blood flow allowing it to rid itself of waste materials and dead skin cells more efficiently, this leads to a healthy glow with much better colour and texture.

Integra Plus 1 hour session       £23.00

Integra Plus course x6            £130.00


The Integra Plus will increase your bodies own elastin & collagen. Enlarged pores can tighten and scar tissue can soften. It will reduce puffiness and fluid retention. All of this and the method used in performing the Integra Plus is completely painless, in fact it is very relaxing. So why not book a session today, start to achieve that youthful long lasting look.