Lash Extensions & Tinting

Eyelash Extensions   

Lash Extensions make your eyes look fabulous, I can do them natural but full for every day wear or long & extravagant for a special occasion, whatever your look may be.

Full set Eyelash Extensions - 2hours                    £40.00




This treatment is simply applying a tinted paste

to your lashes or brows.

Completely painless & it leaves the lashes looking

like mascara has been applied, without the fuss. Alternatively add a clear mascara to accentuate your lashes & enhance your brows.

Eyelash Tint - 20mins                                  £10.00

Eyebrow Tint - 20mins                                 £8.00       

Eyelash & Brow - 30mins                              £15.00

Individual False Lashes - 20mins (last 24hour)  £15.00