Manicure/ Pedicures

Manicure &  Pedicure

 I believe in using top quality products giving a long lasting effect, using natural non harmful ingredients.

For this reason I would chose 'Jessica' and 'O.P.I' products.

I first used Jessica at 'Champneys' Tring 20 years ago,

I fell in love with their products since then i discovered O.P.I  They have improved on perfection through the years, if that's at all possible!!

I specialise in O.P.I for my Geleration treatment.

  They made a product to help build up your own natural nail to give more protection whilst adding stunning colour.

The gels basically form a coat of armour around your natural nail. It lets light and air penetrate through the gel to your nail so therefor is not harmful.

  'O.P.I' products are free from formladehyde, toluene & DBP all of which are very harmful toxic ingredients.

The Gels give a beautifully smooth finish and can last up to 3 weeks.

Gelerations Paint

Gel Manicure + removal  - 1hour               £28.00

Gel Pedicure + removal  - 1hour               £33.00

Gel Re-shape & Paint +Removal - 45mins  £23.00

Normal Paint

Full Manicure - 45mins                         £22.00

Full Pedicure - 45mins                           £27.00

Re-Shape & Paint - 30mins                     £20.00

Paraffin Wax - 10mins                            £7.00