Reiki Healing Therapy



'Reiki' is a Holistic therapy & a complimentary & alternative to modern day medicine.The earliest form of 'Reiki' was used by Buddhist Monks as part of Prayer. The founder of 'Reiki' was the great Dr.Usui. His writings & manuscripts have recently been translated for us to understand.

It is a non-invasive way to lead people to better health by working on the energy within their body.

This ancient form of healing is very relaxing, it helps rid the body of bad, stagnant, blocked energy & brings in good, healthy, new energy.

This treatment is performed fully clothed, I simply place or hover my hands over your body using myself as a conductor of the good energy. Here is a list of but a few benefits of this treatment:-

*Promotes good health & well-being, *Helps with pain management for illnesses such as Athritus, Fibromyalgia, rheumatism. *Releases Stress & Tension. *Relieves Depression.

*Reduces Anxiety. *Helps Tinnitus. *Improves Sleep quality.

*Soothes Digestion. *Strengthens Self-Esteem & Confidence. *Gives a greater sence of Intuition. *Offers support with substance abuse. *Boosts the Immune System. *Increases Mental Clarity. *Improves relationships. *Supports Weight loss/Control. *Improves Sex life.*Improves Circulation. *Boosts Energy levels. *Promotes Faster Recovery after Surgery. *Releaves symptoms of Menopause. *Encourages a more balanced life.

'Reiki' will always improve your life. Never harm it in any way.

It is quite a Spiritual treatment, the more open minded you are, the quicker the results.

I am a qualified 'Reiki Master', I was taught by a very Spiritual Reiki Master who has been practising Reiki for about 25 years who has passed on to me her wonderful spiritual guidance.

1 Hour session is £37.00