Stone Therapy & Hopi Candle

Stone Therapy Treatment

Stone Therapy is a type of massage that uses specially heated Volcanic Lava stones & cooled marble stones; this is combined with a swedish-style massage.

This treatment is extremely relaxing, and is also very healing for sore damaged muscles. The heat from the stones penetrates much deeper than just a normal massage ever can, no matter how good the masseuse!

The stones have healing powers due to them being make from a pure volcanic sourse.

  Full Body Treatment - 1hour                              £45.00

  Back, Neck & Shoulders - 30mins                       £32.00           

Hopi Candle Treatment

This is an ancient Greek method for eliminating ear wax & promoting relief, relaxation & pressure within the ear.

Many of my clients use this method rather than going to their GP  for syringing.

It also helps with sinus issues, stress, tension & anxiety.

One Treatment (both ears) - 30mins                        £17.00


5 Treatment Course                                                  £68.00