Using finely blended aromatherapy & plant extract based products, my Facials will not only repair your skin from damage caused by eliments, age etc but they will take you to a truely relaxed state of mind. They consist of Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Massage, Mask, Moisturise & all last 1 hour.

  Comfort/Nourishing Facial,( for dry,dehydrated skins)                1 hour -  £32.00

Calming/Rebalancing, (for oily,T-zone skins)                                    1 hour - £32.00

Anti Aging/Uplifting, (for aging,tired,dull or dry skins)

This has a gold fragments & collagin mask for an amazing firmed, glowing finish with an uplifting eye massage to help with dark circles & fine lines.

  1hour 10mins  £42.00